Land in Leased Fee Interest Portfolio

Listing Agents

Mike Schlictman
T | 803.920.4173

Lora Simpson
T | 515.729.4516

Suzanna Farley Aldrich
T | 406.478.3010

Detailed Information
Property Highlights
  • Land in leased fee interest five-property portfolio located across geographically diverse markets
  • Portfolio includes high barrier to entry/urban locations
  • Properties are available via a portfolio or individual property sale
  • Court has approved bankruptcy sale and granted power of sale to lender, allowing for an efficient approval process on all sales
  • Potential for assumption of existing debt at attractive leverage allowing for highly levered returns
  • In-place established yield with rent subject to 3.0% annual escalations
  • Residual remaining lease term of approximately 95 years
  • Annual rent escalations allow for inflation adjusted returns with annual CPI growth at multi- decade US highs